Saturday 5th June 2010 - Married for 3550 days

A Note About Wedding Gifts

What can you get a couple in their late 30's that they haven't already got?


So far in his life, Alasdair has been the proud owner of six different sandwich toasters and Lisa has smashed more dinner plates than Zorba the Greek's most outrageous dinner party - so naturally we are looking for a less conventional approach to wedding gifts.

Our answer to the question of what to give us, if you wish to do so, is;

 - memories we can treasure for the rest of our lives


We have booked an unforgettable honeymoon to Egypt where we will be cruising the Nile from Luxor to Aswan and spending a few days in Cairo, staying in the shadow of the Great Pyramids.


We hope to have the most incredible journey of romance, relaxation, adventure and excitement.  Should you wish to contribute to this experience of a lifetime and provide a special memory for us to keep forever, here is an idea of how you could contribute; 

  • £ 30 buys a camel trip to the local pub
  • £ 60 is a romantic five course meal for two
  • £ 20 is a trip to the hidden tomb of Tittybighead
  • £ 800 is Lisa's cocktail bill for the whole cruise
  • £ 2 is enough to buy a first class camel
  • £ 1,200 is what it costs to get the camel back to Norfolk
  • Any contribution is most welcome and will help us make those memories that we will look back on until we're old and crumbly and can't remember what we had for breakfast, let alone where we have put our teeth.


    If this appeal to your inner romantic hasn't made you too sick then please feel free to donate Egyptian Pounds in cash or English Pounds in cheques or gold bullion or conflict diamonds or marketable kidneys or anything you wish.  Whatever you choose to do we guarantee it will be greatly appreciated by us both.


    A big, big thank you,

    Alasdair & Lisa