Saturday 5th June 2010 - Married for 3550 days

The Proposal

"Will he EVER propose?", I thought. I mean, we were inseparable after a week and he'd moved in after 2 months.  Little did I know it was engineered with military precision.  It was the 18th July, two years to the date we'd first met.  He'd surprised me a week before with tickets to Latitude Festival in Southwold.....which is "our place", after we'd spent a romantic weekend there 3 days after first meeting.  (See, I told you he doesn't hang around!).  After an essential trip to Milletts to purchase some waterproofs that were actually waterproof (what a novel idea!), we headed off to not so sunny Southwold and our first visit was to the Pier.

On our first weekend there, we'd broken many a rib giggling at the ridiculously stupid inventions within the end of the pier show.  One of which was a photo booth ( which had an element of surprise, in that just as it took the photo it did something to shock you and put a gormless smile on your face (massaging your bottom, blowing cold air down your neck - all of which I love in a man!).   We've gone back every 18th July to have our photo taken there.  So you can imagine my surprise when on photo 2, Alasdair whips out a stunning diamond ring from his pocket and asks me to marry him.   It was all a bit of a blur, but I think after much shrieking, crying and bum massaging I finally gave my "yeeeeessssssssss!".  And even after the joyous little dance I did down the pier, he still wants me to be his wife........!

Latitude was fabulous, although the bands struggled to play over my whoops of joy.  A real day to remember.  But then every day since 18th July 2006 has been.........

- Lisa

Once you've spent two years together, with every day better than the last (and all the way back to day one was incredible!) and not the slightest hint of anything other than unending love then it's probably time to get married.... but 'once bitten, twice shy' and all that - or so she thought I thought.....

Little did Lisa know that I had it all planned out, almost from the start. Clearly we were meant to be together, so it just all came down to timing. It's a seldom acknowledged fact that the secret of romance is nothing more than great timing.... and roses, and some chocolates, Robbie Williams tickets, La Senza, hotels that make bird shapes out of the towels, views involving mountain tops, candlelight and perhaps a few hundred other things of joy and beauty.... but mostly just timing.

It had to be a special place for us, it had to be somewhere that involved a photo being taken to capture that special moment and it had to be a surprise. It all just came together on that fantastic day, helped of course by the fact that our special place just happened to be a photo booth!

- Alasdair